God of Earth, Master of the First City


Taunys is one of the mightiest gods in the realms, and has taken it upon himself to be the protector and patron of the First City. While he rarely takes direct action in the events of the City, he has set forth the Adamant Laws that govern it, and has punished those who would break them – unfailingly and without hesitation – throughout history. His religion is very popular around the First City, and Taunys is known to make appearances in his temples at least once a year, and sometimes has seen fit to involve himself in some of the many events that take place within the Spires and the Sprawls.

Those who have spoken with the god know him to be charming, caring, and quick to laughter, but fiercely defensive of the City he has placed under his protection and all the peoples in it. He was the one who commissioned Gorenn, God of Craft, to build the massive Wards that surround the Spires, even providing the materials that Gorenn needed to forge the Edantite that formed them, though even Taunys knows not what makes the mysterious alloy.

The most that many citizens know of the god’s involvements with the city are the occasional appearance of the massive Gohlemuard, the solitary adamantine golems that enforce the Laws upon those who tread upon them.

Signs of Taunys’s favor include faint smells of diesel with seemingly no origin, and the appearance of dust and dirt upon people’s clothes that leave no trace when brushed off.


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