God of Craft


Gorenn is a tireless, unbending, and short-tempered god. His dictates hold work to be most sacred above all things, and many of his priests are simply craftspeople: miners, blacksmiths, loggers, farmers, and millers. The most common mantra of both Gorenn and his priests is “The only sin is inaction.”

Gorenn is also the artisan responsible for the crafting of the Wards that protect and regulate time in the Spires, and he crafted them out of a never before known alloy known as Edantite. The Wards have never been so much as scratched in the millenia they have rotated around the Spires.

There are, throughout history, those who have discovered the secret of crafting Edantite, and all twelve of them have been made saints in the church of Gorenn. Their works are each mighty artifacts, highly sought after by warrior and scholar alike.


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