As best as anyone can tell, the First City has always been. No one remembers when first people gathered at an axis point on both Aubos and Reikvir, and no one can remember the gradual spread of the Sprawls, the long growth of the Spires. The City expands still as inhabitants of the infinite planes of Aubos and Reikvir and outsiders from beyond the Material Plane locate to the City to see its wonders and marvel at its towering size.

The First City’s Spires bridge the parallel planes of Aubos and Reikvir, each an infinite Material plane, separated by on average 200 kilometers of air and sandwiched between two Elemental Terran Planes. While both Aubos and Reikvir boast deserts, mountains, lakes,oceans, forests, tundras, empires and kingdoms beyond count, the location of the First City corresponds with a mineral rich point on Reikvir that is only thinly separated from the Reikviran Plane of Earth, while the point on Aubos is surrounded by a vast fertile plane, and the cultures of the Sprawls and Spires have been tempered by this. Aubosians tend to be relaxed, and appreciate more arts and leisure activities, with many old families of the Aubosian parts of the city having family histories of farming. In contrast, the Reikvirans are accustomed to work, many having backgrounds with some connection to the deep and wide mines beneath the Reikviran Sprawl, and Reikvirans tend to value the fruits of labor: a finely crafted sword, the latest technologies, the shimmering prow of a Leviathan, fresh from one of the many foundries of the First City.

The First City